Good things come in Tiny Packages!
Though we just came out with our first album we are very excited to start on a new one quite soon! We have lots of new songs with many new tiny instruments and maybe even some live tracks to release...  But until then without further adieu, we bring you... LITTLE THINGS

LITTLE THINGS was recorded on and off between 2012 and 2017 with the help of engineer Joseph Branciforte both in New Jersey and Brooklyn New York.  The album ranges from pulsing modern alternative rock, to hauntingly nuanced ballads, ephemeral happy 70's folk, to raunchy and more moody compositions.  The two common denominators of the album are the baritone Uke and well... of course, Scott.   There are many special guests on the album including Drummer Matt Olsson,  Cellist Jake-sokolov-Gonzales, Saxophonist Ben Jaffe and Trumpet players Dan Minogue and Harvey A. Feldman.  Plus regular Tiny Instrument conspirator Jessie Smith Edwards on cello.