"It is time for the Tiny, so the Tiny is being born."  

The Tiny Instruments began one day when Scott found a baritone ukulele at a local antique shop. Songs began pouring out and since then, every instruments he finds becomes a vessel for new songs to be born from.  Each instrument be it Uke, toy guitar or strum stick has a unique sound and life of their own.  It helps that tiny instruments are easy to carry around and so perfect when inspiration strikes! 

Other contrubuters to the Tiny Instruments are:


Suzy "Tiny Piano"Rosenberg

Jessie "Regular size cello" Smith Edwards

Matt "the drum bhudda" Ollson

Besides his position as Tiny Instrument band leader Scott has many other projects such as the Makeshift Orchestra, A Tree in Brooklyn and the Naked Sheep.  Scott is also a visual artists, herbalist and a teaching artist, working in schools as Songwriter in residence and collaborating with artists in other mediums.